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Light and truth all along

Guide our steps forever.

Lietuva ♦ Toris Laurinaitis
16 February
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Not all that glitters is gold; not all that is sticky is tar.

Name: The Republic of Lithuania
Human name: Toris Laurinaitis
Age: 981 (in 1990), 19 (human)
Taken from: March 1990, right after he became an independent nation again.

Lithuania, the hardworking and enduring eastern European nation. The oldest brother of the Baltic States and was the last country to convert from Paganism. He was a commonwealth with Poland until he was taken by Russia when Poland was partitioned. During his stay with Russia, he went through a lot of tough times and is now a more jumpy person, but still determined to be a strong and independent country. He is a good person who likes to take care of other people and though he is an introvert, once he likes you, he will take you into his heart. Even if you're possibly the most annoying person in the world mostly because he's used to some of the worst. He's a very patient guy. A little too patient.

Pergalė rodo, ką žmogus gali, o pralaimėjimas - ko jis vertas.
Victory shows what a man can do; his behaviour in defeat shows his true worth.

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